19 03 | 2014

Self-Destructing Cookies for Firefox

Written by Tanguy

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Web cookies are meant to store user preferences for a website, but they are often misused for evil purposes, such as tracking him, sometimes across distinct websites.

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06 09 | 2013

WebPG, a PGP addon for web browsers

Written by Tanguy

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WebPG logo, i.e. GnuPG logo with a web over a spider web

One problem with PGP, at least with GnuPG, is that it does not interact with the web. There used to be a Firefox addon for that, called FirePGP, but its development was stopped.

So, good news, a new addon has come to fill the gap it left: WebPG, an addons for Firefox and Chrome. I am using it since a while, and it seems to work fine, being able to encrypt, sign, decrypt and check text blocks. Of course, it cannot handle PGP/MIME unless explicitly adapted to the webmail you use, but there seem to be some experimental support for GMail.

15 10 | 2012

Why phishers must looove smartphones

Written by Tanguy

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Phishing is a fraud technique that consists in reproducing the content of a targeted website, directing users to it, and recording their credentials when they log into your website. It is like fishing fish with fake food, only you phish humans with fake websites.

Well, I have a good news for the phishers: people are using more and more smartphones, and mobile browsers are making your job really easy. In fact, many regular smartphone user simply have no way to tell your fake website apart from the real one.

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24 05 | 2012

Extensions Firefox

Written by Tanguy

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Si cela peut servir à quelqu'un, voici une petite liste d'extensions Firefox que je trouve utiles. Certaines sont très connues, d'autres moins…

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18 01 | 2012

Debian buttons for Firefox/Iceweasel

Written by Tanguy

Classified in : Homepage, Debian

As a Debian administrator, power user or contributor, one often goes to look for information about a package, a bug, a developer or a message from the mailing lists. If you are in this case, you may be interested in the Firefox/Iceweasel extension “Debian buttons”, written by Damyan Ivanov and packaged by myself.

An Iceweasel toolbar with five Debian-related buttons

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