14 11 | 2013

Using Wine with sound under Debian testing (Jessie)

Written by Tanguy

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If you are using Wine under Debian testing with PulseAudio, you probably noticed that you cannot get sound playback any more. This is because:

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  1. Wine uses ALSA, which uses a plugin to play through PulseAudio;
  2. Wine being in 32 bits, all that has to be installed in i386 versions;
  3. recent versions of libasound2-plugins depend on libavcodec54 which depends on libopus0 which is not multiarch-capable and thus cannot be installed in both i386 and amd64 versions;
  4. libopus0:amd64 cannot be reasonably removed to install only libopus0:i386 because many multimedia software depend on it (in other words: try that and you will end removing VLC and everything similar too).

No need to despair though, as there are several ways to work around that problem until the maintainer of libasound2-plugins has converted it to multiarch.

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