18 01 | 2012

Debian buttons for Firefox/Iceweasel

Written by Tanguy

Classified in : Homepage, Debian

As a Debian administrator, power user or contributor, one often goes to look for information about a package, a bug, a developer or a message from the mailing lists. If you are in this case, you may be interested in the Firefox/Iceweasel extension “Debian buttons”, written by Damyan Ivanov and packaged by myself.

An Iceweasel toolbar with five Debian-related buttons

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01 01 | 2012

Debian Developper

Written by Tanguy

Classified in : Homepage, Debian

Debian red swirl

For this new year I got a quite specific “present”: a Debian Developer account. Of course this is not an end by itself but rather a beginning, or perhaps a continuation of my modest effort to contribute to the greater good of our users and free software. As an introduction, I would like to quickly explain how I came to this point, and I also have some people to thank.

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