18 01 | 2012

Debian buttons for Firefox/Iceweasel

Written by Tanguy

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As a Debian administrator, power user or contributor, one often goes to look for information about a package, a bug, a developer or a message from the mailing lists. If you are in this case, you may be interested in the Firefox/Iceweasel extension “Debian buttons”, written by Damyan Ivanov and packaged by myself.

An Iceweasel toolbar with five Debian-related buttons


When installed, this extension provides five buttons, that you can place in your Firefox or Iceweasel toolbar. These buttons take the text from the X11 PRIMARY selection and act as shortcuts to the web pages corresponding to:

  • a package from the archive;
  • the development of a package (Package Tracking System);
  • a bug report (Bug Tracking System);
  • a Debian Developer's packages (Developer's Packages Overview);
  • a message from the mailing-lists.

Typical use case

Let us imagine you see the following sentence on IRC:

12:42 < Tanguy> I am packaging a cool Firefox/Iceweasel extension (ITP #654896)!

If you want to check out the corresponding ITP report, just double-click on the bug number to select it (do not worry about the leading hash or even the possible trailing bracket, it will be handled), and click on the “BTS” button on your browser toolbar: here you are!

Depending on your needs and habits, this extension may considerably speed up and simplify your quests for information. At least, it does for me, so I hope you will enjoy it too!


thursday 19 january 2012 à 01:52 Hyde said : #1

No share on social networks ?!

thursday 19 january 2012 à 09:53 Tanguy said : #2

@Hyde : I am not sure of how to interpret your comment. Is it ironic, is it a criticism? If so, I would like to hear your full argument. If not, well, sorry, I do not use these, but feel free to do so.

thursday 19 january 2012 à 15:23 Helmut Grohne said : #3

You get almost the same features by using keyword bookmarks. The big advantages of keyword bookmarks are that you can configure them yourself and that they don't clutter the interface. For some tasks they are simply faster. Compare writing the name of a package into some buffer, then move your hand from the keyboard to the mouse to mark what you just typed in and then click some button compared to just entering "pts packagename" into the location bar and you are done.

thursday 19 january 2012 à 16:51 Tanguy said : #4

@Helmut Grohne : Yes, for a name that you would not copy from somewhere but type by yourself, keywords are certainly more efficient.

thursday 01 march 2012 à 01:42 ggzero said : #5

take also a look at xul-ext-ubiquity extended to debian commands by filippo. Almost the same lookups - security tracker + debtags edit + debwiki + manpages. It doesn't take from X11 selection, from selection in Iceweasel it does.

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