05 09 | 2013

PluXml, a file-based, database-free blog

Written by Tanguy

Classified in : Homepage, Debian

The blog engine PluXml is now available as a Debian package:

Package: pluxml
Version: 5.2-2
Description-en: Light blog engine using XML files
 PluXml is a light and simple blog and CMS engine that uses simple XML
 files to store its data and requires no database. It has all the usual
 features (static pages, comments, categories, tags, medias, RSS
 feed...) and supports multiple users, customizable themes and plugins.
Homepage: http://www.pluxml.org/
Section: web
Priority: extra

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30 10 | 2012

Supporting GNU MediaGoblin

Written by Tanguy

Classified in : Homepage, Debian

Gavroche, a purple goblin, holding a poster in his arms and giving it a hug

You certainly know Picasa Albums Web and Flickr, two commercial picture hosting services. You probably know a few free software projects that allow people to keep control of their own pictures, such as Gallery, Piwigo, Zenphoto or PhotoShow.

GNU MediaGoblin is a similar project, but with some interesting characteristics and features:

  • it has a funny name and mascot;
  • it is part of the GNU project;
  • it is written in Python;
  • it does not need a database servers since can use an SQLite database;
  • it is designed with a specific care for free culture, allowing to indicate the license of a picture and to provide its source format as an attachment for instance.
  • it supports audio, video and 3D models with HTML5 features rather than the dreadful Flash;
  • it is a work in progress and is asking for financial contribution.

If you find GNU MediaGoblin as promising as I do, please consider donating!