30 10 | 2012

Supporting GNU MediaGoblin

Written by Tanguy

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Gavroche, a purple goblin, holding a poster in his arms and giving it a hug

You certainly know Picasa Albums Web and Flickr, two commercial picture hosting services. You probably know a few free software projects that allow people to keep control of their own pictures, such as Gallery, Piwigo, Zenphoto or PhotoShow.

GNU MediaGoblin is a similar project, but with some interesting characteristics and features:

  • it has a funny name and mascot;
  • it is part of the GNU project;
  • it is written in Python;
  • it does not need a database servers since can use an SQLite database;
  • it is designed with a specific care for free culture, allowing to indicate the license of a picture and to provide its source format as an attachment for instance.
  • it supports audio, video and 3D models with HTML5 features rather than the dreadful Flash;
  • it is a work in progress and is asking for financial contribution.

If you find GNU MediaGoblin as promising as I do, please consider donating!

07 11 | 2011

De nouvelles liseuses numériques

Written by Tanguy

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Journée faste dans le domaine des liseuses numériques : deux nouveaux modèles viennent d'être annoncés coup sur coup, par la Fnac et Bookeen.

La Fnac commercialise sous son propre nom des liseuses numériques fabriquées par d'autres entreprises. Bookeen, quant à elle, est une société française spécialisée dans la fabrication de liseuses numériques.

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