05 09 | 2013

PluXml, a file-based, database-free blog

Written by Tanguy

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The blog engine PluXml is now available as a Debian package:

Package: pluxml
Version: 5.2-2
Description-en: Light blog engine using XML files
 PluXml is a light and simple blog and CMS engine that uses simple XML
 files to store its data and requires no database. It has all the usual
 features (static pages, comments, categories, tags, medias, RSS
 feed...) and supports multiple users, customizable themes and plugins.
Homepage: http://www.pluxml.org/
Section: web
Priority: extra
PluXml logo: a leaf with its petiole used as one bar of the word “Xml”

PluXml is a French blog engine that uses XML files to store its data, thus avoiding the need for an external database system as most blogs do. The name “PluXml” is a French portmanteau between plume (feather, evoking something light) and XML.

Apart from that, although it was started in French only and its official website is still in French, it was internationalized about a year ago. It is designed to be easy enough to use, targeting regular users, but not too fancy: for instance, it provides a web-based administration interface, but content editing uses HTML code unless you install a graphical content editor plugin.

That package may be of interest to people like me, that consider the almost systematic use of relational database systems in many web applications as a disease, and more generally to self-hosted people that would rather avoid running an additional database server on their small home servers.

The package includes an interactive configuration, that allows to choose the blog language, title, description, admin login and password. Unless debconf was configured not to ask questions, in which case nothing is asked and the blog is left in an barely unusable state, of course.

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