05 09 | 2012

Datalove USB drives to reform European copyright

Written by Tanguy

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La Quadrature du Net is a European advocacy group that has been created to defend our rights and freedoms on the Internet against the continuous political threats driven by major corporations, such as the recent ACTA. After the recent citizen victories against these monsters, it is time to take the initiative and advocate for a reform of the copyright system which has become inappropriate with the omnipresence of copy-based systems.

A USB stick, etched with a heart smiley <3

To this end, la Quadrature will give each Member of the European Parliament a customized USB drive, preloaded with a set of elements for a copyright reform, and with an anthology of free cultural works. To fund that campaign, la Quadrature is asking for everyone's help, by the means of an Ulule campaign (Ulule is a crowd-funding platform similar to Kickstarter).

This initiative is noteworthy by at least two aspects:

  • after years of being in a defensive position, I think this is the first offensive initiative from the citizen group in the copyright wars;
  • the crowd funding will strongly indicate that it is supported by citizens.

If, like me, you are tired of the continuous attacks from the major corporations of mass entertainment, in addition to not helping them by buying their crap, you can now participate in this first counter-attack. This will probably not end the war, so I hope there will be more offensive actions from the citizen group!

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