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ASCII Art signatures

Written by Tanguy

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Using a very customizable email user agent (namely, Mutt), I am able to use several signatures depending on almost whatever criterion I want. So I spent some time drawing several thematic ones in ASCII Art, sometimes taking inspiration on existing models, sometimes entirely by myself (in bold). Hoping that it may be useful, here are some of them:

Bee (a logo of my engineering school, Centrale Paris)
(___\ ,-
<(((((>0      Tanguy Ortolo
(___/ `-
Fishes (for April 1st)
   (\_                   _/)
)\/__(°>    Tanguy     <°)__\/(
)/                           `'
Angel (for Christmas)
(\ _         ★
( \o
 `/\/     Tanguy
 _<_\,_     Tanguy
< o
 /--)----  Tanguy
/ >
   __o      Tanguy
  ____   Tanguy Ortolo
 /_   \______________
((_)   _ .--^---^^-^-'
 \____/ `' urn:pgp:240BBA15B694DD00E38030D8D6EFA6AC4B10D847:
. o .
. . o       Tanguy Ortolo
o o o
: /` )   Tanguy Ortolo
| `-'    Debian Maintainer

If you like them, do not hesitate to copy them. I am not sure whether or not this can seriously be an object of copyright, so in case it would be necessary: I put them, at least those that are of my own (those labelled in bold), under CC0 (unfortunately my country law do not allow me to put my works under public domain):

Copying is an act of love. Please copy.

PS: Sorry, but my blog does not allow comments with fixed-width fonts…

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saturday 13 august 2011 à 06:16 Ben said : #1

I use this on deviant-art...six lines, but you can remove the "Meow" I guess. Replace the dots with spaces, of course, and you may use it under a CC0 license, too. ^_^

/\_/\ (\_/)
(o_o) (o_o)
/‾V‾\ /‾⌔‾\

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